How to Structure Keyword Rich Landing Pages for SEO

When designing a new website or evaluating an existing website for Search Engine Optimization, the first step in the process is to identify the keywords and keyword phrases that best represent what you do. For example, of you are a dentist in Loveland, Colorado, then you want to be found on Google when someone searches for “dentist in loveland” If you are a Loveland dentist who performs dental implant surgery, then you want to be found for “dental implants in loveland”

Once you have developed the keywords you want to optimize, then it is time to evaluate the competition. Here are four Google Search Operators you can use to begin your research:

  • allinurl:keyword phrase
    This search will show you what websites have the keyword phrase in the URL, that is, the web address of the site.
  • allintitle:keyword phrase
    This search will show you what webpage Title Tags include the keyword phrase. A Title Tag is a critical element for SEO. Either by design or default, the first line in every Google result, underlined in blue is the title for that page.
  • allintext:keyword phrase
    This will show web pages that include all of the words in your keyword phrase in the text or body of the page.
  • allinanchor:keyword phrase
    Anchor text is the text on a page that is linked to another internal or external web page. When you click on the anchor text, you will be taken to the page or to the place on the page to which it is linked. allinanchor will return web pages that have links with your keyword phrase in link anchor text.

Just enter these searches into the Google search bar and hit enter. Be sure Not to leave a space between the colon and the first word in your keyword phrase. So in our dentist example you would enter: allinurl:dentist in loveland This search will then return all websites with dentist in loveland in the URL or the web address of the site.




if you have an existing website, it is important to determine which of your pages ranks the highest for a given search term. In order to do this use the following search string in the Google search bar: keyword phrase

This will return which pages on your site rank for that keyword phrase. The first page in the search is the page on your website that ranks best for that keyword search term or phrase.

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