Website Design

The world of website design and content management has changed!

In the old model of website design, your company hired a web designer to build a website from scratch.  This cost many thousands of dollars and anytime your company wanted to make a change to the site, it cost hundreds of dollars in programing fees.  Here are the problems associated with this model:

  1. Your website MUST be dynamic.  In today’s internet world, blog posts, pictures, video, news, education, links to social media, are all essential to visitor interaction.  People want to engage with you through your content.  It your website never changes, they have no reason to ever come back to your site!
  2. Web designers aren’t you.  They don’t have your specialized knowledge.  They don’t have your passion.  You (and your employees) are the subject matter experts for your business.  You have the skills, knowledge and passion that your customers desire.  You should be able to easily communicate that passion.  You should be able to do it for free!  An effective web designer should be able to find your voice and write content that communicates your passion to your prospects.
  3. Search Engine Optimization  is driven in large part by the content on your website.  The better (and more current) the information you provide, the better people will be able to find you in searches.  If something changes in your industry, you need to be able to react quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

The web development company assembled a team they met with you for an hour or two, then they went home and built the site they thought you needed. I can’t tell you how often I hear, “I hate my website.” The design model described above is why.

Essential Elements For Any Website

Business Considerations for Website Design:

  • Who are your current customers/markets?
  • Are they typically new or repeat customer?
  • What do they want from you?
  • Are there new markets you want to go after?

User Experience (UX) Considerations

  • Responsive – Adjusts to any device or browser
  • Easy to Navigate – If they find something they like, will they ever be able to find their way back?
  • Load Speed – Does you site load quickly and does it adjust for different devices. That high definition header and slider on your home page is fine for computers, but mobile users will grow frustrated and leave in a hurry!

Marketing Considerations

Before writing a line of code, we must determine how you will market your products and services and to what target markets. If you are going to run traditional marketing, such as TV, Radio and Print it will a slight different design than if you are planning on pay per click campaigns that will send web visitors to specific pages based on their search terms!


Attention Small Business Owners and Soloprenuers 

You can manage your website’s content as easily as writing a Word document!

In the era of Content Management Systems (CMS) you can cost effectively manage your own site. Using a CMS you can create pages, blog posts, add pictures and video and update information simply and easily.  (This website is built on a WordPress CMS platform.) A Content Management System will allow you to:

  1. Easily update your site as often as needed
  2. Gives you the ability to manage the look and feel of your website
  3. Simply manage the menus and navigation of the your site’s pages
  4. Host a blog on your site with fun, relevant and exciting content
  5. Allow non-web developers (non-technical people) to manage and update your site
  6. Manage your site’s content from any location – at any time

Here’s how it works:

Content Management System’s use a Presentation Template to automatically translate your data into a beautiful website.  Your content is shown to your website visitors in the format and using the colors you choose.  It is simple to use and with a little practice you can easily learn to manage your own website content.

There are a number of free Content Management Systems available, but we like WordPress the best.  In our experience, WordPress is the easiest to teach to non-technical people.  It has thousands of themes and plugins available for full customization.

 We can build a website for you on one of several Content Management Systems

We can teach you how to easily update and manage your site

At Gatsbo, we work directly with you to create a website you will love. The building of the website will be a collaborative process that will require a commitment from you:

  1. Time – In order to find your voice I will need to work directly with you to understand your vision.
  2. Organizational Access – You and your employees are subject matter experts. I will interact with your key people to draw on their expertise and bring their knowledge and passion to the world.
  3. Honesty – This should go without saying, but I can’t tell you how many businesses I talk to who are dissatisfied with or even hate their website. I will create a look and feel, imagery and content for your site. If you don’t like any of it – tell me! You can’t hurt my feelings.

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