Online Reputation Management for Doctors

Medical Professionals, Pay Attention to Online Reviews – Your Patients Are!

In today’s social environment Online Reputation Management is very important to any business, but it is critically important to medical professionals. If prospective patients Google you and/or your practice what will they find?

A study by Harvard Business School suggests that a one point decrease in online ratings could negatively impact revenues by almost 10%.

Tactics for Managing Your Online Reputation:

  1. Deliver Excellent Care to All of Your Patients All of the Time!
  2. Be Deliberate – Take a proactive approach to managing your online reputation. Don’t just let it happen – make it happen!
  3. Create Your Own Reputation Narrative – When was the last time you updated your bio? Does a copy (or copies) of it exist in cyberspace? Are they identical? Do you control the online versions?
    1. Review and update your existing bio
    2. Collect all of the good press you have ever received
    3. Make a list of your accomplishments with an eye toward newsworthy topics
    4. Research keywords and phrases people use on Google to find your practice
    5. Write your narrative in a keyword rich, web friendly format
    6. Write a version 200 characters long. Load it with keywords.
  4.  Take Control of Your Online Profiles
    1. Do this for your professional self and your practice. People could search for you by your name, “Dr. John Doe”; or by your practice, “Hometown Medical Center.”
    2. Start With Google Places, claim your listing and complete all of the information requested. Upload photos and video. Here is where you will use the 200 character description.
    3. Claim your listing on all of the major medical review sites, such as Healthgrades and Vitals
    4. Claim your business on listing and review sites such as Superpages and Yelp
    5. Establish profiles on local listing sites – For example, many local newspapers have online business listings.
  5. Leverage Social Media Platforms to Improve Online Reviews:
    1. Review HIPAA guidelines, talk to your attorney and understand what you can and cannot do when it comes to social media.
    2. Create a proper Facebook Business Page
    3. Create a Linkedin Profile
    4. Create a Blog on your website (not on Blogger)
    5. If you will properly tweet, create a twitter account, research hashtags and start communicating at 140 characters a shot.
    6. Create a Youtube Channel and upload a video
    7. Provide links on your website to your profile on review sites like Yelp and Healthgrades. Be careful, this can be a double-edged sword (see Tactic #1 above!)
  6. Ask for good reviews from patients – This is a bit of a sticky wicket. You don’t want to seem too self-serving or self-promoting, but in every practice there are patients that love you, we call them Acolytes. There are also those that hate you, we call them Terrorists, and unfortunately, those are the ones who can do the most damage to a doctor’s online reputation.
    My old dentist and I were friends. Before he retired, we lifted weights together three days a week like clockwork. If he asked me to provide a review, I would have been happy to do so. He was a great dentist and we had a close enough relationship that it wouldn’t have been a problem.  
  7. Optimize Your Website and Other Online Properties – There is a joke told by Search Engine Optimizers, “Where  do you hide a dead body?” Answer, “On page three of Google results.” What if when people Google you all they see are the negative reviews? Sometimes this is bad. Online reputation management for doctors also means taking control of how you appear in search engine results (SEO.) Learn more about SEO on Gatsbo.

Online Reputation Management for Doctors is not to be taken lightly.

If you would like help in creating your narrative, claiming your practice online and managing your digital persona, call us – we can help. (970) 590-7666.