About Us

Gatsbo Marketing

Gatsbo Marketing is here to help you combine the leading social media tools, traditional marketing strategies and proven business systems to connect you with your clients in ways never before possible.

The Gatsbo team comes from the business world; both for-profit and not-for-profit. With many of years of experience in business strategy, development and process improvement for large corporations as well as the solo practitioner, we bring practical, real world experience to work on behalf of our clients.  In other words, we are not tech geeks entering into the marketing world.  We are a business and marketing minded organization that leverages the latest technological advancements to bring you the best possible social media marketing campaign.

The web 2.0 opportunities being created using internet, mobile and cloud technologies are astounding.  The pace of technological advancement is acceleration at an unprecedented speed.. At Gatsbo, we see our job as staying on the cutting edge of these new customer interaction technologies and leveraging them as behalf of our clients.  Call us today and receive your complementary Scorecard, measuring your business’s performance on the social web.